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Oh My Soul’s next legal battle has begun

Wow guys, this is it! The official countdown to Oh My Soul’s next legal battle has begun. As you all may know by now, Oh My Soul is a small cruelty-free vegan, family run café located in the heart of Durban. We are all about offering delicious cruelty-free food where no animals are harmed, creating awareness and being a voice for the voiceless.

Oh My Soul Café was targeted by a large chicken based corporate company in February over the use of the word “Soul”. It became a huge legal battle as Oh My Soul café was accused of being “confusing and deceptively similar” to the chicken company and diluting their brand identity. After two high court appearances and a three week wait for the verdict, Oh My Soul Café won the case, dismissed with costs. Unfortunately, the bullies have continued with the attack and have now put in an appeal against the judgement. The appeal will be heard in the high court on the 5 July 2019. So, what does this mean for Oh My Soul Café? Costs! We can’t put a value on what our small café is fighting for. These vulnerable souls have more worth than any monetary value. We need to be realistic and honest, to fight for them unfortunately does cost money, we can’t do it on our own and we really need your help. We have come so far with the help of the community and the support has been overwhelming, making every second worth the battle. You can help us to get over this next hurdle by donating to the cause, whether it’s R10 or R100, it all makes a difference. Any donation towards this battle would be highly appreciated so that we can keep on making a difference and creating awareness for all “Souls.” Bullies come in all shapes and sizes BUT we are all about kindness.

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